Back to the Future

24 02 2011

Watching “Back to the Future” a few years ago, i can still remember how shocked i was that the “bad guys” in the movie turned out to be Libyans. As a child i never made the connection, which finally dawned on me later, that in Hollywood Arabs are quintessentially terrorists or idiots. Screw that! The many times i had to argue against this objectifying and vilifying image, well today is not the day for that. The winds of change are rewriting everything we are and what we stand for.

That tainted image left generations of Arabs trapped in the glories of their past and verses of written poetry that are indecipherable to many young Arabs-me being one of them- who chose to or had to set aside their culture and language  simply because it’s globalization time and 2001 just changed everything! It’s 2011 now, and i am here to witness the unfolding of history, which might have come too late for those who held true that our generation was the one who made the final kill. But a new reality has arrived and somewhere i am afraid that it will be re-stolen from us.

Away from romanticizing this moment and conspiracy theories, i am eternally thankful to those in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt who made it possible for me to reclaim my sense of identity and most importantly our future. In Jordan, i see people talking about what government they want, what parliament they imagine and things they are not willing to accept anymore. Many subjects that were once taboo are being debated! All of this would have taken more precious time had it not been for the courage of those who ripped that somewhat endless page of history and started a new one.

For us not lose this opportunity we need to stop dreaming and start working for valid, constructive and inclusive alternatives. Fear of our systems or the future should not leave us encaged. This is what I keep reminding myself…we are back to the future.




One response

24 02 2011

I like!
We really need to use the momentum of what’s happening in a wise manner so that we do not fall into nonesense protests where each bunch is calling for a different random issue… I really hope tomorrow’s protest will be a well-cultured peaceful one.

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